Does the Right Toothbrush Really Matter

You know very well that preventive care is the best way to keep cavities at bay. And one major part of preventive care is brushing your teeth daily. But, can the right type of toothbrush influence the effectiveness of your oral hygiene habits? In other words, can some toothbrushes clean better than others? 

Let's find out the answers! 

Types of Toothbrushes

As you may know, there are two types of toothbrushes - manual and electric. 

Manual toothbrushes come in different sizes and shapes and can have different features. For example, you can choose a toothbrush based on: 

  • The Head Shape: Most toothbrushes have a rectangular shape. The head is wide enough to allow you to properly clean the surface of the teeth. However, this shape may make it a bit more difficult to reach all the way back and thoroughly clean your third molars. A diamond-shaped toothbrush will make this task easier due to the fact that the front is a bit narrower than the back.  
  • Bristle Texture: Bristles can be hard, soft, or extra soft. As a rule of thumb, soft bristles are the better option as they allow you to properly clean your teeth and your gums without irritating them. Moreover, it's been shown that hard bristles can damage the enamel. 
  • Bristle Pattern: Even something as simple as the bristle pattern can make a difference. Opt for a wavy pattern as a flat one cannot reach as deep and clean as effectively. 

Electric toothbrushes come with various features too, but the basics are the same. An electric toothbrush uses a vibrating and rotating head that can help you clean your teeth better.  

Manual or Electric? What's Best? 

Most dentists agree that it's not the type of toothbrush that matters, but the technique and consistency. It doesn't matter if you are using the most performing electric toothbrush if you skip brushing every other night.  

You need to brush your teeth two times a day, every day. The motion you are using is also important. You must swipe from the gums towards the end of your teeth. Make sure to clean both the front and back of your teeth and the chewing surface.  

However, electric toothbrushes can be more effective because the spinning and vibrating motions can help you clean your teeth better. Moreover, due to the built-in timer, you can make sure that you will brush your teeth for the recommended time.  

Don't Forget to Schedule Regular Dental Appointments Too

While brushing your teeth every day is an essential part of preventive care, you also need to visit your dentist regularly for professional cleanings and check-ups. 

At Bayview Dental, we offer our patients a wide variety of services, including preventive care, restorative, cosmetic dentistry, and so on. We treat our patients like family members and make sure that you will get the right type of treatment for your needs.  

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