Teeth Whitening in Center City

How can teeth whitening improve my smile?

Teeth whitening can brighten your smile several shades, erasing years of stains and yellowing in as little as one appointment or in just a few weeks with take-home whitening. Whiter teeth tend to make patients look younger and feel more confident about their smiles. A simple teeth whitening treatment may be all you need to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile at Bayview Dental. Schedule an appointment at Bayview Dental if you are located in the lakes area.

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Your teeth have pores, just like a sponge, which causes them to absorb stains.

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How at-home teeth whitening works

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Treatment Plan

At your consultation, you’ll discuss your needs with your dentist. If teeth whitening isn’t right for your situation, they can provide alternatives for you. But if teeth whitening is the best option, they will provide a treatment plan that allows you to achieve your desired level of brightness.

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Impressions for Custom Trays

To start your at-home teeth whitening treatment, your dentist will take impressions of your teeth using dental trays and putty. These impressions will be used to create a set of reusable, durable custom whitening trays that are specially made for your teeth.

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Instructions & Application

Once your custom trays have been built, you’ll come back into our office to get your trays from your dentist, as well as a set of whitening products and instructions on how to use your whitening trays. Then, you’ll simply follow these instructions and whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Types of whitening treatments

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Take-Home Whitening

In take-home whitening, you can treat your teeth stains and discoloration in the comfort of your own home with a set of reusable trays and professional whitening products. Choosing take-home whitening has a number of different benefits. You can avoid spending too much time in the dentist’s office, and you will be able to whiten your teeth on your own schedule.

In addition, take-home whitening is more gradual and gentle, which makes it a good option if you have sensitive teeth and want to make sure you do not experience any discomfort. Because it offers more gradual results, it’s also less obvious that you have had your teeth whitened, which some patients prefer.

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Sensitivity  after whitening is normal, but should subside within a few days.

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teeth whitening FAQs

Is In-Office Teeth Whitening Better Than Take-Home?

In-office teeth whitening is often touted as a more effective whitening treatment. However, this is far from the case. Not only does take-home whitening achieve the same results as in-office whitening, but it is also more convenient and reduces side effects, like tooth sensitivity.

Take-home whitening is a gradual process so it takes repeated applications of the whitening trays each day for 1 to 2 weeks to achieve the same results as a one-hour in-office whitening session. However, take-home whitening is cheaper, can be done from the comfort of your own home, doesn’t involve exposure to UV light, and is much more effective than drugstore whitening trays. 

Dental-grade whitening trays are fabricated from your teeth impressions and sent to a dental lab that custom makes your trays so that they fit perfectly over your teeth and don’t run over your gums. 

This prevents the whitening agent from coming into contact with your soft tissues and causing gum irritation. In-office whitening also has a higher concentration of peroxide which causes more severe tooth sensitivity. 

Take-home whitening is a lower concentration of peroxide that needs to be applied repeatedly to achieve the same results. In the end, you’ll have teeth that are just as radiantly white but without any of the discomfort that accompanies tooth sensitivity.

Does Whitening Damage Teeth?

Whitening can damage your teeth if you use products that are not ADA-approved or you use products improperly. This is why we recommend avoiding drugstore whitening products that are largely unregulated and contain abrasive ingredients that can harm your teeth and gums. 

At Bayview Dental, you can be assured that only ADA-approved and FDA-tested products are being applied to your teeth. We are dental professionals who are knowledgeable and trained in what concentrations of peroxide are safe for your teeth and how long to apply it. 

You will receive written and verbal instructions for your take-home whitening treatment and as long as you carefully follow the instructions, you are at very low risk for tooth damage. 

We also assess the health of your teeth during your consultation and if you have significant enamel erosion, you may not be considered a good candidate for teeth whitening. We may recommend cosmetic treatments that can improve discoloration and rebuild your enamel, such as dental bonding.

Is It Covered By Insurance?

Dental insurance typically will not cover cosmetic treatments that serve no medical purpose. Because teeth whitening is a purely cosmetic treatment, it is unlikely to be covered by dental insurance. 

However, we are offering a New Patient Special to patients who are visiting Bayview Dental for the first time. You will receive a complimentary take-home whitening kit. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Eric Youngner.

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Dental work, like crowns, bridges and veneers, cannot be whitened.

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