How Effective Is Take-Home Whitening?

Who doesn’t want whiter, brighter teeth that reflect light and give you that youthful, attractive look? Whiter teeth are wanted by patients of all ages, but many people are also trying to find easy, comfortable solutions to that. Not to mention, the cost is always important to consider, especially since cosmetic dental procedures are not covered by dental insurance. 

Naturally, many people are tempted to purchase at-home whitening treatments, especially with the aggressive marketing we see today in the media. While we do agree that a take-home whitening kit is extremely convenient, we want to help you set realistic expectations and explain how effective they are.

So, here's what you should know about take-home whitening kits.

Take-Home Kits

Many people don’t like spending too much time in the dental office and are more comfortable purchasing at-home whitening kits. You can get them from a seller that makes the ordering process extremely simple, and just ships universal trays with the whitening gel. Or, you can have custom trays made at the dentist and then have a take-home whitening kit to use as you please. 

The advantage of take-home kits that use custom trays is that they won’t damage your teeth, and they ensure that the whitening gel reaches all the crevices of the teeth. One-size-fits-all trays that you get in online stores often put unnecessary pressure on your teeth, which can lead to pain and even damage. They might also be too loose or too tight to ensure optimal gel coverage. 

How Effective Are Take-Home Kits?

Another thing you may want to know about take-home kits is that their potency is lower than the treatment you receive in the dentist’s chair. It’s to be expected, as the bleach contained by the gel can irritate and even burn the soft gum tissue around your teeth. At the dentist, the doctor is very careful not to expose the gums to the gel and can use a higher concentration for the gel. 

At-home treatments are weaker to prevent accidents, burns, and infections caused by burned gum tissue. Because they are more diluted, these treatments will be less effective than in-chair treatments. However, they are a good solution for you if time is an issue, or if you don’t mind getting a more subtle effect. 

Book an Appointment to Discuss the Right Whitening Treatment

If you want to know what methods fit you best, book an appointment with Dr. Youngner at Bayview Dental. We will discuss the best options, considering the effect you want to achieve, the general condition of your teeth, your sensitivity to whitening agents, and so on. We can also monitor your smile, provide a professional cleaning and make your whitening treatment safer and more effective. 

Contact us to book an appointment and let us know if you prefer a take-home treatment or an in-chair one. 

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