What Is The Best Age to Have Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth are vestigial structures in our bodies, similar to our tailbones. They were extremely useful thousands of years ago when our diet consisted mainly of raw meats and twigs. But as we evolved and our jaws got smaller, there isn't enough room (and use) for our wisdom teeth to develop properly. 

In fact, it's estimated that about 85% of those who do get wisdom teeth (some people are simply born without them and will never get them) will need to have them removed. That's because wisdom teeth usually create a lot of problems when they erupt, such as a cyst. In some cases, because they don't have enough space to grow, they will start pushing the other teeth away, leading to misalignment problems. 

Because wisdom teeth can be so troublesome, a lot of dentists recommend having them removed. But, what is the best age for wisdom teeth removal

When Is It Best to Remove Your Wisdom Teeth? 

Anytime your wisdom tooth is bothering you or is creating problems, then that's a good time to have them removed. 

But, as a rule of thumb, dentists usually recommend having your wisdom teeth removed between the ages of 18 and 24 years old. As you get older and the roots of the teeth develop properly, extraction becomes more difficult. Removing your wisdom teeth when you get older may require more complex surgery. Moreover, recovery can be slower too. 

However, as we said, if you didn't take out your wisdom teeth yet and they are bothering you, then it's best to schedule an appointment with your dentist sooner rather than later to have them removed. 

Why You Shouldn't Wait Any Longer 

Most people wait until their wisdom teeth start causing problems before they have them removed. But, by removing them sooner, you can avoid complications like:

  • Impacted Wisdom Teeth: It happens when the wisdom tooth doesn't have enough room to grow, causing pain and damage to the neighboring teeth. 
  • Tooth Decay: Because wisdom teeth are harder to reach, they are more prone to cavities and decay. 
  • Infections: If the wisdom tooth doesn't have enough room all the way through, then the site can become a breeding ground for bacteria. 

Are You Ready to Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed? 

Wisdom tooth extraction is a routine procedure that's not likely to keep you in the dentist's chair for too long. And, with the right care, the extraction site will heal in no time. 

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